Copyright © 2018 by Morgan Stone
Language: English, ISBN: 9780463899946


This book is memoir. It reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated.


PART ONE of three

  1. “Eats ah her he cane!”
  2. A Bright-red Sweatshirt
  3. By Hammer and By Hand
  4. Dima’s Place
  5. Elena’s Lifeline
  6. Courage to the Sticking Place
  7. An Itinerary
  8. Edge of a Chasm
  9. Vodka and Caviar
  10. A Celebrity Sprain
  11. Bloody Valentine’s Day
  12. Taking Flight
  13. Hitting the Fan
  14. Worlds Collide
  15. Convergence

This story is told from the third-person point of view. In our — Meg and Elena’s — opinion, the breadth of information, and the diversity of its sources: recollections, interviews, journals, logs, video, photographs, email, previous works and other records, demands a third-person narrative to effectively tell this story.