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Adventurer, writer, misfit, castaway

Elena says:

It’s been 11 years since I met this amazing, outstanding, ground breaking woman. She challenged, and shattered, every preconceived conviction of “what a woman must be like,” that my Russian upbringing had soaked into me. She was a concept of “woman” I had no idea existed! Everything she did was swift and decisive. She snatched life and experience out of every new day. She broke the rules society imposes on us, and I had no other choice but to join her, learn from her, and love life with her.

Meg is an adventurer and nomad by spirit. Together we discovered that the notion of “home” is, in many ways, contrived, overrated and is misleading. “Home” is not four walls – it is you and what you love. Meg found our home: it is planet Earth with its amazing people; those we’ve met, and those we’ll meet in the future.

There is nothing impossible for this woman, and I am looking forward to seeing what new endeavors her rebellious spirit — which most would undoubtedly call “reckless” and “odd” — will get us into. And, of course, I hope that Meg will finally get down to writing those books she so often speaks about, and which fill me with excitement.


Elena Ivanova


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