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The Russian Factor: Two Women, One Planet, Incredible Odds

Please read The Russian Factor with a huge grain of salt. It is the Hollywood-ized version of our escape from Russia. Although most of it is true, and actually happened, the motivation for our escape was seriously trashed, trampled, hidden, cheapened. My editor was disgusted by any show of love, caring, weakness, honesty. In fact, she refused to work on the book if I didn’t do it her way, i.e: a Clive Cussleresque thriller where the main character, the one called “Anna” in this work, was nothing more than a piece of furniture. To my editor’s credit, though, it did make for a thrilling, dash from criminals and a wild, road-trippy tale that kept most of what really happened, and added a few things that didn’t.

Although there was a Jack, and I loved him dearly, he didn’t die gruesomely (as far as I know), and I never went on a vendetta fueled search for his killers. That part of the story was added (required, demanded, insisted upon…) to provide Jess (that’s me) a motive for the whole shebang that didn’t involve loving Anna (that’s Elena). The fictional hired killer, Sergei, is actually Elena’s father. The rest of Elena’s family and connections shall remain obfuscated in the realm of “maybe.” If we survive our next anticruise, I’ll rewrite this story, and the cruds who can’t take love for a reason, can just eat it.

We ran for love. That’s it. Elena loved a woman (that would be me) and her family was ready to see her dead for that. When the embassy wanted to evacuate me from Ukraine, I declined. I couldn’t leave Elena to the jackals, so we held on tight, and ran like hell.

The online appearance of Anna, the rebellious daughter of Russian syndicate higher-ups, lands intelligence contractor, Jessica Ducat, a job in Kiev, Ukraine. But when Anna’s headstrong behavior destroys the operation, the only way to curtail the collateral damage is by fleeing with Anna through Ukraine to Turkey and across several seas.

Hampered by Anna’s Russian passport, tagged as belonging to a terrorist, and aided by a mysterious American, Jess uses ingenuity to overcome obstacles encountered en route to safety in the west. She fights for a young woman’s life against a backdrop of post Orange Revolution political unrest in Ukraine, relentless pursuers, and even nature itself. Rooted in actual events, the action is enmeshed in Russian politics, corruption and syndicate activity.

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There comes a time in every writer’s life, even the self published, when a synopsis of your own work is unavoidable. Sounds like an easy task, but is it? You might even have written synopses of other people’s work. I mean, how hard can it be? Describe your work in about three paragraphs, one page, no sweat, rattle the thing off before lunch and hit the beach.

But somehow, it isn’t that easy… Your finely crafted and agonized over work lies before you in all its literary splendor. Plots and subplots intertwine, descriptions take the reader into your rich universe, wickedly clever turns of phrase still astonish even you, the writer. How on earth can you sacrifice any of that golden prose for the sake of a sketchy outline? This hilarious, no holds barred, but straight to the point essay, shows you just how to do it.

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Works edited by Morgan Stone

Successful Breakout Trading: A Practical Guide

By Sinisa Persic

Using real trades, this practical guide illustrates the Breakout Trading technique. Applied with discipline, analysis, risk management and planning, Breakout Trading gives traders the winning edge.

This guide focuses on practice rather than theory. Detailed analysis of real trades walk the reader through the Breakout Trading process; from preparation: scanning charts, analysis, and gauging markets; to managing the trade: setting up entries, stops, targets, and reacting to a successful, or a failed, breakout. This short manual covers the basics of this proven trading technique.

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