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Rules for Survival


...---... SOS ...---...

Here's a letter that Elena just fired off to the writer of the PROSPEKT MAG article

Hi Francesca,

I wonder if you could share with me your thoughts on something.

First of all, the more time that passes, the more I realize what a great job you did with the article. You truly put your heart it in and it shows. I am really happy that you, a woman, brought the story to light.

The story literally went viral.

When people learned of it, they were absolutely set on fire. When the two of us, and a lot of serious, accomplished and mainstream media people tried to get coverage, there was an astonishing silence. I mean reporters with papers like the L.A. Times, east coast papers, big papers all up and down the west coast were thrilled by the story, but then absolutely nothing... not a word. No returned phone calls, not a peep. It wasn't just us that got shut down, but people we've never met. Our friends got interest and then silence, including the owner of a content distribution company (publishing). Even the wire services get excited and say they'll call, and then nothing.

Had this story been picked up in the mainstream it could have saved our lives, but not a peep!

We know the story doesn't have cute pandas and we aren't victims, but the interest it generates with people makes us believe that's not the reason it's being buried. Meg thinks we've been blackballed. It just makes zero sense.

I thought perhaps you, as a media person who might still be accessible, could know the reason. What do you think that is? Maybe there is a story in the way this story is being buried.

It's not because it isn't immediate, it actually is: we are about to go to sea, with less safety than we've EVER had, even fleeing Russia 10 years ago, and we very well may not make it back ashore alive! Or even be allowed to land. We have until 23:59:59 June 27, EDT to be out of USA. I still don't have a travel document.


More info on Elena's site


The Next Anticruise is About to Depart

The Prospekt Magazine article/interview with Elena went viral; movie deals, book options, speaking and coffee invitations poured in; and low and behold, a Canada Immigration and Citizenship receptionist, actually deigned to speak to Elena. Regardless, they won't renew Elena's travel document because she is stranded (albeit, by their incompetence) outside of Canada.

We can moan about being forced into a risky, non-stop, way offshore sail to Halifax (and out again, before freeze up, and getting stuck like Shackleton), or we can load groceries, batten down, put canvas to wind, and have one heck of a great adventure! All part of the anticruise, own-your-life and make it count, attitude. And guess what, we WILL be having a great adventure (thanks for the quote, Steve Irwin).

There's more info about this situation on the (ever expanding) NEWS page of Elena's site:


Rules for Survival

Been going through The Anticruise (while working on it) with the intent of presenting it as a motivational speaking gig. The wisdom it imparts works really well as a set of rules. Here they are!

Get a grip
Dump emotion. It's not going to help. You are the only one who feels it. Sad, angry, hard-done-by, scared, lonely, betrayed... forget about it. It eats precious time, destroys motivation, and saps the energy you need to survive whatever it is that's making you emotional!

Assess reality
What is happening now? What is about to happen? What can you do to mitigate the negative ramifications? Standing on the track with a train bearing down; pray, hope, have faith, trust god, ignore or deny the train... or get the hell out of the way?

Eliminate expectation
Nobody cares as much about your survival as you do. Miracles are random outliers that survivors-of are too stupid to see as such. Rescue is for the privileged few. Considering it wastes times and incurs emotion.

Trust yourself
Take responsibility for your survival, nobody else will. You are alone, regardless of where you are, or who with.

Get the job done
Take back your life! It's all you've got, cherish it. If you're living for someone else, it's wasted.

Want your customers, clients, employees, society, club members, conference attendees, fans, audience to see and hear the same message with "The Anticruise" live? Then, get in touch. We're good to go, and we'll do it for COST (for a while). It's become intensely clear that this is a message, people we've encountered and presented to, want (and need) to hear.


Funny thing happened...

... while taking part in a little petty vandalism

So there's this electical services box, just off the beaten path; it's festooned with stickers (wanna-be snooty-gang tags, "hello my name is" tags, advert stickers for computer gaming hardware, kiddie-hard-liquor labels, band stickers) and I contribute a 4cm x 6cm pride-flag sticker. It lasted a few days before I noticed it had been savagely scraped off. Being in the bible-belt, this came as no surprise. What did though, was a plan Elena came up with: Come back with 3 pride stickers, then when they get scraped off, nine more, then twenty-seven. Eventually the whole area would look like "Trouble with Tribbles" - pride stickers spreading out, bible thumpers scraping to beat the devil.


More pics up on THE ANTICRUISE

Just in time for the weekend, a new batch of stunning photos and zany captions have been posted on - The Anticruise. Follow the ANTICRUISE link in the menu (above) to see em, read em, be amazed, and laugh yourself sick! What's new? you ask... lots: The tool-tips are all original (when you hover over the photo thumbnails) and all new photos and captions from Entry 060 through Entry 067 - check em out. I don't think you'll be disappointed!


The Anticruise is now LIVE

To get to the Anticruise follow this link:


Things are as precarious now as they were when we fled Russia for our lives... more than TEN YEARS ago.

Map of escape route

Forced back to the high-seas, it's Thelma and Louise time.

Drive, Thelma... drive!

the two of us

You can check out The Anticruise (on this site) for a bit of background up to now. If we make it back online, I'll finish it... I promise.

You can read The Russian Factor, with a huge grain of salt. It is the Hollywood-ized version of our escape from Russia. Most of it is true and actually happened, except the motivation for our escape. The prologue never happened, and although there was a Jack, and I loved him dearly, he didn't die gruesomely (as far as I know), and I never went on a vendetta fueled search for his killers. The fictional hired killer, Sergei, is actually Elena's father. The rest of Elena's family and connections shall remain obfuscated in the realm of "maybe." Our apartment was not ripped apart by gunfire, although we did go back to it (which was stupid) and we did get chased, and I got run-over by a white Lada, and we did scram, at the last minute, from Kiev. If we get out of this next anticruise alive, I'll rewrite this story, and the cruds who can't take love for a reason, can just eat it.

We ran for love. That's it. Elena loved a woman (that would be me) and her family was ready to see her dead for that. When the embassy wanted to evacuate me from Ukraine, I declined. I couldn't leave Elena to the jackals, so we held on tight, and ran like hell.


Here's a book review of one of my favorite bedtime/treadmill stories: THE MARTIAN, by Andy Weir

My Review of THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir * * * * * (5 stars)

The following is an article pasted from BBC - Earth: We might live in a computer program, but it may not matter. I've stuck it here because it validates something I have pondered over for most of my sentient life.


Several physicists have suggested that our Universe is not real and is instead a giant simulation. Should we care?

Are you real? What about me?